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About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of AA Express is to continually provide superior customer service and customer satisfaction while providing a motivational and positive work environment that encourages employee engagement.

We will maximize profitability through the continuous improvement of processes and procedures with an emphasis on safety, productivity, and environmental responsibility while maintaining compliance at all levels without compromising ethics. We will live by the standard “Our Service Makes the Difference” with every load we haul, customer we speak with and community we influence.

Why Choose Us:

Adapting with agility

We believe true greatness shines in times of adversity. Our dedication to personalized services and dense network of trusted carriers means we can move as quickly as you need us to when unexpected challenges arise.


Our staff has the best training available, making them proficient with the software they use to plan loads. The result: a quick, efficient logistics process that delivers on time and saves you money.

Industry Expertise

We go out of our way to hire team members with backgrounds in many industries. That means we don’t just know transportation, we know your business too – and understand the ins and outs of moving your product.

Customized Solutions

We treat every customer – and every shipment – as unique. When you partner with AA Express, you’ll have a trusted advisor providing adaptive solutions to help your business succeed (and make your life easier).


Life is full of give and take, and trucking is no different. Sometimes, things go wrong. No matter what happens, we take immediate action to resolve the issue and get your freight moving again.

Honesty & Integrity

We know you’re trusting us with an important aspect of your business. We will never avoid accountability for issues big or small, surprise you with unexpected fees, or do anything to damage your confidence in us.


AA Express understands that every one of its customers has their own set of unique needs.

It’s why the sales professionals with AA Express provide each customer with a personalized solution – from start to finish – to ensure all their needs and demands are met.